Tips for an inclusive group night

At a weekend of workshops looking at how to support children and young people with autism and other communication difficulties, Woodcraft Folk delegates agreed the following Top Ten Tips for Group nights:

  1. Send out the programme in advance
  2. Get children and young people to plan the programme
  3. Set a routine for group night
  4. Have a consistent approach, including adults present, routine, role of adults
  5. Have a consistent approach to children and young people; behaviour expected, children and young people setting their own ground rules & therefore buying in
  6. Hold debriefs/ evaluate the session with children and adults/leaders
  7. Adults: know your strengths and limitations and use that to plan activities and responses to behaviour eg. who is patient 
  8. Adults: self awareness - you need to reflect on your own role and how you might be contributing to difficulties in the group eg shouting and thereby increasing conflict
  9. Know your environment and its limitations eg halls with dreadful acoustics
  10. Where children or young people find it hard to take in verbal information, convey information in different ways eg. pictures, photos, written down instructions, flow charts. This can be done in advance or with a second person writing down the instructions on a flip chart as they are given out verbally.