Young Leader Training

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Woodcraft Folk has run many weekends of training for leaders of various ages. Although the activities we use have developed a bit as we've tried to make these weekends as accessible as possible to younger leaders (eg Venturers), our approach is that everyone can participate in the same course, whatever their age, if they're new to leadership. 

Below are some examples of the weekend-long course, including 'Youth Leader training' and 'Young Leader training' - essentially the same, but with slight differences in the actual activities used. 

If you'd like to provide training for young Woodcraft Folk who want to lead (whether that's a group, an event or a project / campaign), you can use one of these plans - or a combination of activities from each - over a weekend or during a camp. The main thing to consider is what age group the new leaders will be working with, as you may want to tailor the training activities towards playwork (for leaders working with Woodchips, Elfins and younger Pioneers) or youthwork (for leaders working with older Pioneers, Venturers and DFs).

You don't need to be an experienced trainer to run the activities - some facilitation skills and an appreciation of Woodcraft Folk aims and principles is all you need - but if you'd like to talk through how it works and some of the practicalities, please get in touch.

Young Leaders Training Session Plans - Bristol - for web.docx23.4 KB
Young Leaders Training Session Plans - Lockerbrook - for web.docx24.61 KB
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