YHA Partner Organisations

Woodcraft Folk has a long history with the Youth Hostel Association and membership of the Woodcraft Folk also means that you can become an affiliate member of the Youth Hostel Association.

Both organisations share a common history of self help, working class people wanting to get away from the cities and giving young people the change to explore the wilderness.

Nowadays both Woodcraft Folk and YHA  continue to work together, Woodcraft Folk has voting rights at the YHA Annual General Meeting every year and has in recent years developed a stronger partnership together.

The YHA will give benefits to those staying in their youth hostels.

  • Bookings for over fifteen guests will be classed as a YHA group booking and they'll provide different rates for groups of this size. 
  • Woodcraft Folk members are welcome to apply for their own individual YHA membership for £15 and this will provide a 10% discount off bookings for up to 15 guests. 

For more information on the YHA, discounts they offer and their individual membership scheme go to https://www.yha.org.uk/