Woodcraft Calendar

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Woodcraft Calendar (from Highgate & Hollway district)

What you need to do –

1)     Photos of Elfins, Pioneers and Venturers doing activities from throughout the year. Ideally from each month (as opposed to just a load of pictures from camp). A variety of pictures so it’s not just the most popular children and ideally pictures reflecting our ethos. IMPORTANT – photos should be taken landscape! And original files kept as using screen grabs or downloads from facebook after the event loses the quality of the image.

2)     http://www.wincalendar.com/word-calendar-templates - Download the relevant template

3)     Insert the photos on pages above the month. A front cover is also helpful, we just put the woodcraft logo and our district/group name.

4)     If you are organised enough you can highlight and populate key dates in the year when you know things will be happening like end of term sessions, camps, midnight skate, annual assembly (annual gathering) etc etc.

5)     You then need to find a decent printer to print them off on, I would recommend doing it on a work photocopier or a shop photocopier. You need to print in A3-folded so you cannot really do this at home effectively.

6)     The settings can be fiddly and may take a few attempts so only print the first few pages until you get it right.

7)     Once printed and folded by the machine you will need to holepunch a single hole in the bottom to enable it to be hung up.

8)     We sell our calendars at our end of term fair at Christmas time as it makes perfect timing for Christmas presents and for new year. We sell them for £4-5 or two for £7. They should cost you no more than £1 to make each (print, paper etc). Last year we made £80 from them so it’s not small.

We tend to get the young people to select the pictures during a group night with some overseeing by the leaders. Generally you are selling these to adults so think of the audience and what pictures you include. If you have DF’s they should be able to print them off at college discreetly saving time and cost. Shots of camp work well, group shots too but try to make people visible/identifiable.