Women's Liberation Workshop

Women’s Liberation group night activity

This activity is relevant all year round, but was created for the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day.

It deals with the history of the Feminist and women's moments and the discrimination that many women continue to face in today's societies.

This is a taster for a larger pack that is being created and if you are inspired or wish for further materials get in contact with open.accessable@woodcraft.org.uk

FACTS (as of 2010)

  • Of the population are women? - 50%
  • Of the worlds wages do women earn? - 10%
  • Of the worlds property do women own? - 1%
  • Is the difference in pay between men and women in UK? - 17%
  • Of MPs are women? - 18%
  • Of reported rape cases lead to conviction? – 6%
  • Of cosmetic surgery is carried out on women in the UK? – 89%
  • Of women in the UK is it estimated will experience some form of domestic violence in their lifetime? – 25%

That is why it is still important to continue to work on gender and feminism as a topic.

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