Water orchestra

Aim : To have fun making music with water
You will need : water, different sized containers
Duration : 30 minutes

We use water in all sorts of ways, and often do not notice the water around us. Water makes many different sounds depending what you do with it.

Fill different containers with varying amounts of water, and blow over the tops to make sounds. Find other ways to make music with water:

  • shake a bottle of water
  • pour water into a container
  • splash your hand in a bowl of water

If you do not have much water available, you could recreate different water sounds (e.g. pitter patter, splash, drip-drip) Get other people to join in with different water sounds.

You could recreate the sounds of a storm, from the first drips of rain to the thunder and heavy rainfall. Rain is a precious resource. Some people in the world, who live in dry areas, may never have heard a rainstorm.