Water everywhere

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Aim: To appreciate that water is all around us and should be valued.
You will need: A camera.
Duration: Will vary

You will need to be able to have or borrow a camera for this activity. Take photos of all the different ways people use water and places water can be found in your neighbourhood. It could be a pond, a swimming pool, a running tap, someone using a hosepipe, the sea, someone drinking water, someone under a shower, a well, a puddle etc. Once you start you will see how many places water can be found and used in our environment. Can you imagine how each of these situations and scenes would be different if there was a shortage of water?

Water is special and we should not take it for granted. Get your photos developed/printed and make a display for people to see. Use this opportunity to encourage people not to waste water, and to value this precious resource.

If you have digital photos, you could send them to the Global Village website for other young people to see.