Venturer Auction

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Venturer Auction (from Highgate & Holloway district)

Each year, at a time when we have lots of adults around (usually the quiz),we hold a Venturer auction at some point in the night.

Prior to the auction we ask the Venturers to come up with a skill, talent, something they can offer for real money which someone would be willing to pay for. This usually ends up with 40% of them offering babysitting so you then need to engage and push them to come up with something slightly more original where possible.

Things which have been done before; babysitting, gardening/picking up leaves in the garden, drawing a picture of their house or pet, music lessons, recitals, baking a cake every month for X months (and delivering it to the highest bidder) etc etc..

Then we auction the Venturer off to the highest bidder. All proceeds go to the district. We manage who the highest bidder is/was and put the parents in touch too so that it’s safely handled. We’ve never had an issue anyway. We don’t set an official time frame by which it has to happen but we expect both parties to come to an agreement to do something within 3 months. Money is paid upfront or within the first week of the new term.