Survey of Woodcraft groups

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34 Woodcraft groups responded to the challenge of TREE’s end-of-year survey in 2009. It’s one of the ways we’re working out how much impact the TREE programme is having, and this first survey was also simply a way to hear what groups are doing and what they want support with. There were some interesting answers, all of which are in the report downloadable below.

  • 60% of groups who responded have space for more young people in their group
  • 74% often or sometimes run activities on topics their young people feel strongly about
  • 64% said young people represent their group in district, regional or national decisions or planning
  • 46% of young people said they’d like more opportunity to take on new roles in committees, projects and planning

These are all areas where TREE can help your group develop what you do – get in touch, or look out for opportunities in TREEmail and on the website.

Find out more about the TREE programme here. 

Survey of Woodcraft groups - results 2009/10.pdf1.15 MB