Sharing Treats & Democracy

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Aim: To introduce the ideas of equality, democracy and sharing,

You will need: Sweets/Treats (easy to share out), paper/pencils

Duration: 30 minutes

Show the group you have a selection of treats to give out, but you are going to vote on how to distribute them. Divide the group into groups of 3-4 and give each group 10 minutes to decide how they wish to distribute the treats, and have one member prepare a short speech/presentation to explain to the group how they will distribute the treats if their method is chosen.

Once everyone is ready get the group back into a circle and have each representative present their proposal to the group. Once everyone has presented their proposals hold an election to decide which method to use. (You can use whatever electorial method you want, but first past the post is easy to run). Depending on numbers you may wish to ask people not to vote for their own proposal, or have leaders vote as well. Once a decision has been reached give that group the treats and allow them to distribute them as they see fit.

Discussion points:: Was the process fair? Did the group follow through with the method they promised before the election?