Sharing treats

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Aim: To introduce ideas of equality and sharing.
You will need: A treat (cake / bag of sweets / bar of chocolate).
Duration: 10 minutes

This is an introduction for younger children to the ideas of equality and sharing. The leader should provide a bag of sweets/bar of chocolate/cake or other treat that can be divided. Tell the group that you are going to give it away - but the group can decide how you do it. They can choose to either have one of their names chosen randomly (to get the whole treat for themselves), or decide to share it out so everyone gets an equal small share.

Have a discussion. Which is the best option? How will most people benefit? Discuss how it would feel to watch one person eat it all. How would that person feel with everyone watching?

Explain that we can look at the issue of sharing on a much larger scale, for the whole world. Not everyone has the same amount of money or resources - some people are very rich, while some people are very poor. Is that fair? What can we do to change the situation? One way is for richer countries to help poorer countries by giving them money called 'aid'. It is important to share the world's resources to make sure everyone has enough.