Programme plans

We've launched #DreamBigAtHome!

Our new lockdown website has hundreds of activities and games to do at home, weekly challenges to try and a regular programme of live workshops and events online, as well as information on how our groups can operate during the COVID-19 outbreak.


Please find below three example programme plans from different Woodcraft Folk groups. 

Most groups meet termly or half termly to plan a broad outline - you won't find a huge amount of detail on each of these plans: its up to the individuals signed up to lead that session to flesh out the idea with a session plan. 

Programme plans tend to double up as rotas too: send out the plan to all parents and volunteers asking for help. People are much more likely to sign up if they have an idea of what's happening that session. 

Elfins and Pioneers Spring Programme 2015.doc35.5 KB
Elfin and Pioneers Winter Aut Prog 14.doc44 KB
SpringPlanElfins2016.docx5.82 KB