Peace Words

Aim: To introduce the theme of conflict and peace.

You will need: List of words (below), large smiley and unhappy face pictures (optional).

Duration: 10 minutes

Introduce the session by explaining that you are going to be learning about conflict and peace. This means times when people are fighting, and times when people are getting on well. Explain that for this game, one end of the room is for all the happy words linked to peace, and the other end is for all the bad words linked to conflict.

Ask the group to run to a different end of the room according to whether each word you read out is about peace or conflict (you could put a picture of a smiley face at one end of the room and an unhappy face at the other end). Get everyone back into the middle after each word.

Words to read out:

  • Fighting
  • Friendship
  • Gun
  • Killing
  • Holding hands
  • Bullet
  • Shooting
  • Laughter
  • Having fun
  • Getting injured
  • Feeling safe
  • Soldier
  • Smiling
  • Making up
  • (you could add your own ideas to the list)

You could follow this introduction with another activity about conflict and peace.