Pea Fair

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Pea Fair (from Highgate & Holloway district)

At the end of each term we hold a district event. In the summer it’s in a park and we invite parents and run games etc. At the end of the term before Christmas we hold a pea fair for the whole district including parents.

The week before the last session we get the young people to come up with ideas for stalls they could run at the pea fair.

These are not limited to

·       Home made Christmas cards

·       Treasure Island (putting a pin on a treasure map, closest at the end of the night wins a prize)

·       Guess how many M&M’s are in the jar (winner gets the M&M’s)

·       Guess the weight of the cake

·       Wet sponge throwing at vents/DF’s/leaders

·       Face Painting

·       Cup Stacking (fastest person at the end of the night wins a prize)

·       Coin in the water game (place a 1p in a tub of water about 6 inches deep, aim is to drop a 2p onto it, if it lands on it you win twice as many peas back as the stake – its hard)

·       Tuckshop

·       Mocktails stand

·       Decorate your own gingerbread biscuit

·       Homemade tree decorations (good Elfin activity and use the spares)

·       Calendar stall (selling calendars for real money)

·       Folk Supply

·       Guess the name of the teddybear (to win the teddy)

·       A raffle if you can get prizes from the local co-op

We run the evening for an hour and a half. People trade real money for peas and then spend their peas. This helps manage money with Elfins. Parents are encouraged ahead of time to bring real cash for Calendars and Folk Supply etc.