The Paper Bag Game

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Aim: To produce the most bags to earn enough money to sustain your family.

What you will need: Instructions in how to make paper bags, square pieces of brown paper, paper clips and a sheet at the end  containing info on how much things cost.

Duration: A session (1 hour).

How to play: Get into groups, 5 should be the maximum amount of people in the group. Seat them at tables with the paper and instructions. For every 5 paper bags you are paid 1 paper clip unless a forfeit given changes that. They have 15 minuets to make as many bags as possible before the season changes and another forfeit is given. These forfeits can be something like; your crops fail and half of your paper is taken away, one of your family member is ill and you have to give in 10 bags for the price of 5, or you start working for fair trade and are paid more. At the end of the four seasons you have to add up the amount of money that you have made and using the sheet buy the things that you want and need.