Motions Passed at Annual Gathering 2009

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  • Extension of Unwaged membership fee

This Annual Conference extends the unwaged membership fee band to include those on low wages (i.e.
below the standard income tax threshold).

  • Timing of Annual Gathering

This Annual Conference recognises the necessity that Annual Gathering should not take place between May
1st and June 19th (inclusive) in order to include the youth of our youth movement in our decision making
This Conference instructs General Council to avoid scheduling Annual Conference between May 1st and the
end of the standard exam period.

  • Venturer Programme at future Annual Confrences

This Annual Conference notes that a few years ago there was a Venturer programme at Annual Conference
that enabled Venturers not only to partake in discussions at conference but also to do some quality drama
work engaging with people of the same age from different places. This conference instructs General Council
to ensure there is a Venturer programme at the next Annual Conference, as it was an enjoyable way of
maintaining interest amongst the age group and preparing them for growing into the organisation.

  • Membership pack for Venturers to DFs

This Annual Conference considers that getting our young people to continue their involvement in the
Woodcraft Folk as adult members is an important part of our movement’s survival and development.
Transforming Venturers into District Fellows is a key aspect of this.
Conference notes that the process of becoming an adult member can be experienced by 16-year olds as
difficult, confusing and off-putting, particularly in a District where there is no established DF group.
Conference therefore instructs General Council to facilitate and support DF Committee and the DF movement
in the creation and distribution of a transitory pack for Venturers and new District Fellows. This will include a
"user-friendly" guide to membership and the associated procedures designed specifically for this age group.

  • Affiliation to Trade Justice Movement

This Annual Conference notes that a few years ago, following a motion overwhelmingly carried at a previous
Conference, the Woodcraft Folk took on affiliated membership with the Trade Justice Movement.
A decision has been made to stop the subscription without consulting members. We regret that the
opportunity is no longer there for groups to get involved with an organisation so strategically positioned to
influence lawmakers, complementing our involvement with the fair trade movement.
This conference instructs General Council to re-affiliate the Woodcraft Folk with the Trade Justice Movement
and make serious efforts to get groups and members involved in campaigning action with them.

  • International Work

This Annual Conference recognises the fundamental and historical importance of International Work within
the Woodcraft Folk, as proclaimed in our motto: ‘Span the World with Friendship’. Although not mentioned
as a priority in the Big Plan, this Annual Conference confirms its commitment to International Work as the
foundation of our work towards peace, international understanding and co-operation, solidarity and
responsible world citizenship. It therefore calls upon General Council, in its promotion of the International
Camp 2011, to:

  1. allocate the necessary resources so that our strong links with international partner organisations,developed over many decades, are maintained and nurtured
  2. minimise air travel and promote alternative forms of transport, particularly ferry and train.
  • Initiate contact with Shministim

This Annual Conference considers that an important aspect of Woodcraft Folk’s acting on our principles, such
as Peace and the Empowerment of young people, is for our movement at national, local and individual level
to develop practical solidarity with other young people pursuing these ends.
Conference notes the emergence of the Shministim, a group of young people who are resisting compulsory
service in the Israeli army. Conference declares its solidarity with these brave young people.
Conference instructs General Council to open links with the Shministim and to recommend to local groups
ways in which we may express our solidarity with their struggle.