Motions Passed at Annual Gathering 2004

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  • Membership categories

Membership categories, age groups and group membership structures shall be determined from time to time by Annual Gathering.

Membership of the Woodcraft Folk shall be open to any person interested in furthering the Objects of the organization.

Members aged 16-20 years (inclusive) shall be known as District Fellows.

Members aged 15 years or under shall be known as young members.

People aged 15 years or under and who regularly attend a Woodcraft Folk group will be deemed members of the organization by reason of their membership of the group.

Members are required annually to signify acceptance of the constitution and the aims, principles and programmes of the Woodcraft Folk

Members aged 18 or over are required to have completed the CRB procedure

and to sign the annual child protection declaration.

Every group must have two responsible members present who are aged 18 or over.

People who wish to be involved with the Woodcraft Folk but who do not wish to work directly with members aged under 18 may join the organization as supporters.

  • Constitution G Affiliations

Delete all and replace with

G            Associate Membership and Affiliations

(1)          Any children’s and young people’s body corporate or unincorporated association that supports the Objects of the Woodcraft Folk may, with General Council’s approval and upon payment of an annual registration fee, become an associate member, entitling its members and staff to enjoy reciprocal benefits with Woodcraft Folk members and staff.

(2)          Any body corporate or unincorporated association that supports the Objects of the Woodcraft Folk’s work may affiliate upon payment of an annual registration fee.

(3)          Affiliated and associated bodies and their members shall not have voting rights.

For information there is a related item in Aims, principles and programme document

New Prog item to be Prog 11

Insert new Prog.11 “(The Woodcraft Folk)….will encourage association with other organisations which share its aims and principles whereby mutual benefits may be enjoyed by all members;”

  • Constitution H (1) (g) : Co-operative Representative

Delete “Education Executive of the Co-operative Union Limited” and replace with “Co-operatives College Board of Management”.

For information there is a related item in Aims, principles and programme document

Programme 11

Delete “…the Education Committee/Member Relations Committees of…”

Delete “…Education Executive of the Co-operative Union…” and replace with “…Co-operative College Board of Management”.

  • Constitution H (1) (h) : General Council Vacancies                              

This annual gathering notes that recently many places on General Council have been left

empty. General Council finds it difficult to work effectively without a full set of members.

This Gathering resolves that H (1) (h) of the constitution be changed as follows:

Delete all Const H (1) (h) and replace with:

“If any vacancies arise on General Council they shall be filled, in the following order of preference with:

(i)            the runner up from the last election in the appropriate category, as determined by Standing Orders Committee, for the unexpired term of office

(ii)           the runner up from the last election in another category, who fulfils the requirements of the vacancy, as determined by Standing Orders Committee, for the unexpired term of office

(iii)          a Woodcraft Folk member chosen by General Council who fulfils the age or national requirements of the vacancy, until the next Annual Conference (or national gathering as appropriate) at which point the remainder of the term shall be open for election.”

  • Constitution U (5) : DF Committee                           

Add “…and Committee…”  between “Althing…” and “…, Regional…”

  • A&P.7    One World

Delete all and replace with “The Woodcraft folk will encourage an understanding of the need to work towards a world where we provide for the needs of everyone on the planet now and in the future without destroying the physical environment. We aim to educate our members about issues of environmental and social sustainability and how this relates to their own lifestyles and other people’s actions.”

  • Prog.3 (vi) : Courses and Events for non-members

Insert new clause as Prog.3 (vi) to read “(Woodcraft Folk) …will arrange events, courses and activities to deliver the Woodcraft Folk’s educational aims and principles to children and young people from outside the membership.”

Prog. 6 line 2 : Co-operatively run groups and non-members

Delete all after “…Development Committees.” and replace with “In doing so it will encourage recognition of and support for co-operatively run groups and the role of volunteers from outside the membership.”

  • A&P.2 : Discrimination

In 2nd sentence of 2nd paragraph, delete .”… or…” between “…orientation…” and “…for reasons…” and insert a comma.

Delete full stop after “…of disability…” and insert   “…, contact with mental health services or previous criminal convictions that does not create risk to children and young people.” so that new text reads in full:-

“As an educational movement, we believe that equal opportunities should extend to all aspects of activity and participation in the Woodcraft Folk.  We will combat oppression or discrimination in our movement, whether on grounds of age, class, gender, race, sexual orientation, for reasons of disability, contact with mental health services, or a previous criminal conviction that does not create risk to children or young people.  We will educate our members so that they may take these issues into the wider community.”

  • Prog. 3 new (v) : IT

Insert new clause to read “ (Woodcraft Folk) ….. will use available information and communication technology to deliver its educational and training programme;”

  • DEF.6 : Definition of groups

Merge with existing DEF.7 by placing it after the definition of the Woodcraft Folk group.

  • DEF.7 : Number in a group

Delete “approximately 15 – 30”  and replace with “…a number of young…”

  • DEF.7  : Age Groups

Insert new DEF.7 to read “Variations in the age group structure to suit local circumstances are permissible subject to the prior approval of General Council.”

  • Const H (4) : Staff Committee

In the first sentence insert “…a minimum of…” between “…together with…” and “…elected members….”

In the first sentence delete “…the Staff Committee.”  and replace with “…a committee with responsibility for staff.”

At the beginning of the third sentence delete “The Staff Committee…” and replace with “This committee….”

  • SOC 3 : "Motions to conference"

Insert (iv) Motions to conference should commence with "This Annual Conference..." The motions may be kept short or include argumentation, and should include actions to be taken.

  • Standing Orders : Visitors speaking

This Annual Gathering recognises that whilst existing Standing Orders require visitors to seek permission to speak; in recent years a practice of allowing all Members of Woodcraft Folk a free right of speech has arisen.

This Annual Gathering therefore instructs Standing Orders Committee to make the following amendment to the Standing Orders document:

SO.22(i):    Delete last sentence and replace with:

‘Visitors who are Members of the Woodcraft Folk may address the AG with the same rights as delegates; but may not, however cast a vote. Visitors who are not members of the Woodcraft Folk may speak with the permission of the chair person or of the conference.’

  • Motions Review

This motion asks General Council to improve and simplify the process for bringing motions to conference.  To encourage all members to have their say about their organisation and bringing fresh ideas to conference, by:-

•             Issuing a step by step guide on how to bring motions to conference

•             Providing an easy to use form to all districts/groups

•             Providing plain English general outlines explaining conference, motions and standing orders

•             Providing training and guidance for young people and first time speakers on how to speak at conference

•             Giving a longer time frame for motion submission

•             When writing and discussing motions, people must use plain language.

  • New members welcome pack

This Annual Gathering requests that General Council take the appropriate steps to produce a new members welcome pack which will be given to all newly registered members of Woodcraft Folk.

  • Venues for Annual Gathering

This Annual Gathering requests General Council, when deciding upon venues for annual gathering, shall take account of ease of access for transport to and from all parts of the UK.  The venue should alternate between the north and the south.

  • Co-operative Schools

This Annual Conference welcomes the innovative work of the Co-operative movement in bidding to develop schools with the co-operative ethos at their heart. This conference urges General Council to look at the possibility of supporting these schools extra curricular activities by examining the possibility of setting up Woodcraft Folk groups on their premises or being involved in after school club provision.

  • Gender of Leaders

Conference upholds the Woodcraft Folk's fine tradition of opposing discrimination in all its forms; and recognises that whilst group activities must be supervised by two adult members, those members may be of any gender.

  • War in Iraq

This conference notes the recent uprisings in Iraqi cities and towns against the occupation forces led by the USA and Britain.

This conference believes that the war was waged for oil not democracy, and further believes that the Woodcraft Folk’s involvement in the Stop The War Coalition gave a focus and sense of purpose to our peace work.

This conference calls upon General Council, districts, groups and individuals to continue to campaign to end the occupation of Iraq, to support independent trade unions and youth movements, to work with refugees and asylum seekers, and to be ready to voice opposition to solutions in “democratic government” that only serve the oil interests of western states.

As part of our slogans “One race, the human race” and “One world, our world”, General Council is instructed to consider how we work with single issue campaigns such as, Baby Milk Action, CND, Amnesty, Liberty and Survival International.