Motions Passed at Annual Gathering 2002

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  • International Camp

This conference congratulates the movement on the success of the 2001 International Camp held at Walesby. The camp has had an enduring positive effect on the movement and has placed sustainability as one of the main educational themes of the Folk.
This conference calls upon General Council to organise the next International Camp in 2006.

  • Sustainable Development Declaration

This conference adopts the Walesby International Camp Declaration.
We applaud all those who participated in the Council of Ministers and the Earth Summits at the camp for articulating the hopes and aspirations of our young members for the future of their world.
Conference encourages all members to add their names to the Declaration before the World Summit on Sustainable Development takes place in Johannesburg in August 2002.
This declaration was distributed to the movement via Woodcraft World mailing.  If you do not have a copy then please contact head office)

  • World Summit on Sustainable Development

This conference celebrates the accreditation of the Woodcraft Folk to attend the World Summit on Sustainable Development and offers its good wishes to the young people who will represent us there.

  • Strategic Review

This conference endorses the high level objectives set out in the Strategic Review, and instructs General Council to circulate the full review for further consultation by regional and national gatherings, and put to Annual Gathering in 2003.

  • Poverty

This conference recognises that many children and young people continue to live in poverty and suffer deprivation in all aspects of their lives.
The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child makes it clear that all children and young people have a right to expect access to high quality services.
Accordingly this conference recognises that the Woodcraft Folk has a responsibility to increase the accessibility of the movement to all children and young people, particularly those suffering from living in areas of high deprivation.
The Government through its Children’s Fund and other initiatives is now making funds available to support social integration.  We therefore call on all Groups/Districts to access these funds, as part of a strategy, to ensure that all children in whatever circumstances are able to participate fully in the Woodcraft Folk.

  • Cotton Folk Shirts

This Annual Conference deplores the non-availability of the traditional cotton-drill folk shirts from Folk Supply and calls on General Council to take steps to rectify the situation, preferably using a Fair Trade and/or Cooperative supplier in the developing world.

  • Gender Balance

This Conference instructs General Council to conduct a continual investigation into the gender balance within the Woodcraft Folk – in particular; the gender balance on General Council, in the Folk employment and volunteers at a local level and to make the results of this investigation and the action which may follow known to the wider movement.

  • Clash with Glastonbury

This conference notes that this year’s Annual Gathering clashes with the Glastonbury Festival, while recognising the difficulties faced by General Council in placing events in the Woodcraft calendar.  This conference instructs General Council to review the most suitable dates in the year for our Annual Gathering, with the aim of enabling more of our young members to participate fully in our democratic process.

  • Co-operative Union

This conference welcomes the decision of the Co-operative Union to broaden and expand the categories of membership and authorises the General Council to explore the possibility of a closer formal relationship with the Union.

  • Stop the War Coalition

This Conference instructs the Woodcraft Folk to join the Stop the War Coalition.

  • Action and Education

This Annual Conference recognises the importance of action, and not just education, in Woodcraft campaigns and therefore instructs all major event organisers to provide facilities to promote action as well as education at future Woodcraft events.

  • Rainbow Network

This Annual Conference recognises the positive role that Rainbow Network has played in the DF movement and instructs General Council to actively support the expansion of the network to the wider Woodcraft Folk, by:
a)    Ensuring that Rainbow Network activities are run on future Woodcraft events, including Venturers Camp 2002
b)    Assisting with the production and distribution of Rainbow Network materials to members and groups of other age ranges within the Folk.
c)    Examining and developing the links between the Rainbow Network and the wider Woodcraft Folk.

  • Boycott Israeli Goods

In view of the recent flagrant violation of international humanitarian laws, the refusal to abide by countless UN resolutions and the policy of apartheid that the state of Israel is pursuing – this Annual Gathering calls on the movement to endorse the Boycott Israeli Goods (BIG) campaign until the State of Israel ends its occupation of Palestinian lands.
This Annual Gathering also instruct General Council to:
1)    send a letter to the Prime Minister conveying the above resolution.
2)    Support the Co-op delegation to Palestine
3)    Encourage local groups to raise this issue with their MPs.

  • Independence Youth Union Palestine.

This Annual Gathering extends its solidarity to comrades in Palestine under oppression from the state of Israel.  It notes with horror the suffering caused to large numbers of Palestinians including our comrades in the Independence Youth Union Palestine.
This gathering calls on the movement to support the solidarity campaign for the Independence Youth Union to rebuild their offices and continue their invaluable work towards peace in the Middle East by:
1)    Raising funds
2)    Raising awareness of the situation of the Palestinian people and campaign for peace.

  • Child Asylum Seekers : against Government’s  dispersal

This Annual Gathering deplores the recently leaked proposals from the government to disperse thousands of under 18 year old unaccompanied asylum seekers around the country.  This would cut these vulnerable young people off from support systems essential for their well-being.
Therefore this Annual Gathering resolves to work with the Refugee Council and local Committees to defend asylum seekers to highlight the dangers of this policy and campaign to stop the proposals becoming policy.