Inclusive recruitment strategies - Volunteer Surveys

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The surveys below have been designed to help you understand more about your potential and new volunteers – from what has motivated them to begin the process of volunteering with the Woodcraft Folk to what skills and experience they can offer you.

Using these surveys will help you understand how effective your recruitment approaches are and help you identify how you might be able to improve them to find more volunteers for your group.

There are two surveys outlined in the document below – a baseline survey and a follow-up survey. The baseline survey should be used at the first point of contact you have with a potential volunteer. This can be over the phone if responding to an advert, or at an event in person. The follow-up survey is designed for when you have finished a period of marketing or promotion but can also be completed by new volunteers once they have started volunteering. It might also be interesting to ask some of your existing volunteers to complete the questions to see what motivated them to get involved!

You do not have to use all the questions but those that have been asterisked should form the base of any survey. You can alter the answer options to tailor the survey to your particular group.

This resource is part of the Volunteer Toolkit produced by Woodcraft Folk Scotland to help Woodcraft groups and Districts recruit, induct and support new volunteers. Contact Fleur for more information. 

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