Farmers and foxes

Aim: To steal the farmer's chickens and to have fun

You will need: Tables, Chairs, Torches, Space, Ability to make the room almost completely dark

Duration: Depends on amount of games played and length of room but normally 3 mins. per game

Set up: Turn tables and chairs on their side and spread them out around the room, have a 'base' at one end and a 'hen coop' at the other end. The farmer (an adult or DF running the activity) stands by the hen coop with a torch and the foxes (the pioneers/venturers/elfins playing) stand at the base.

How to play: Turn off the lights and the farmer turns on the torch. The foxes want to get to the other end of the room without being spotted by the farmer. They do this by hiding behind the tables and/or chairs. If the farmer shines their torch on a fox they should call out their name. That fox is now 'caught' and has to go back to base and start again.


Make sure the legs of the tables are facing AWAY from the 'base' so no-one injures themselves on a table leg.