Colour portraits

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Aim: To recognise that we all have different coloured skin, and this is one thing that makes us special.
You will need: Paper, paints, paint pots and paintbrushes.
Duration: 45 minutes

Paint a self-portrait. Mix the correct paint colours to match your skin tone and hair colour as closely as you can. Everyone will mix their own special colour because we all have slightly different coloured skin and hair.

When you are finished, try to think of names for the colours you have mixed. Here are a few suggestions:
Rose, coral, salmon, peach, olive, shell, milky, apricot, ivory, creamy, honey, gold, copper, ginger, sunshine, amber, straw, champagne, mustard, bronze, coffee, chocolate, caramel, walnut, mahogany, toast, mushroom, biscuit...

If you are doing this as a group activity, compare your painting to those by other people. You will see that everyone has a unique colour, and that no one is ever truly 'black' or 'white.' You could make a rainbow of colours using the paints mixed up by everyone in the group.

There is nothing wrong with noticing someone else's skin colour, because everyone's colour is unique and beautiful. Colour is a good thing, because it makes life interesting and fun to look at. Can you imagine how boring life would be if we all looked identical?