Choose It, Plan it, Do it!

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What is this resource?

Choose it, Plan it, Do it! is a Woodcraft Folk activity pack containing a selection of ideas and tools for gathering ideas, planning and making decisions in groups of all ages. The pack is divided into three parts, with subsections. Each section is packed full of useful activities to make planning and decision making as a group easy, fun, inclusive and inventive.

Part 1 - Tools for getting ideas and making plans

There are lots of tools and techniques useful for gathering ideas within groups of all ages, to involve everyone in planning processes. This part of Choose it, Plan it, Do it! contains a selection - from common types of ‘ideas storm’, through to more unusual creative methods.

Part 2 - Choosing group night activities all together

Woodcraft Folk groups of all ages work together in many different ways to plan their programmes of group night activities. Part 2 of Choose it, Plan it, Do it! gives a few activity ideas, inspired by groups from Cambridge, Bromley and Hinckley. The activities are suitable for groups from Elfins through to Venturers, although they may also be useful planning tools for DFs and adults too!

Part 3 - Planning projects as a group

Most of the ideas and tools in the previous sections could be used in planning projects as a group, but it may be useful to have some more specific, in depth activities too. Part 3 contains a series of ideas that could prove particularly helpful for planning Action Projects and campaigns in your community – discussing ideas for topics or issues to focus on, thinking how to address this, planning how the project could work and even applying for or raising some money to run it.

How do I use this pack?

This pack is arranged in sections for you to dip into in any order, whenever you need a couple of ideas to help plan your programme, or get a project started. The activities in this pack are intended to help you plan creatively, rather than set out firm sessions – so just pick and choose the ones you want to try out and adapt them to fit the preferences of your group if you need to.

Some of the activities include a few different options for running it, so you can choose an approach that might best suit your group. You’ll see that sometimes particular age groups are recommended for an activity, but this certainly doesn’t mean that it would be unsuitable for others. You can also use the activities with adults and mixed age groups – most people enjoy a change from more traditional meeting formats now and then!

The three parts of Choose it, Plan it, Do it! are all available to download seperately below. Alternatively, download the full pack and browse through it gradually.

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