Case study: setting up a new group in Ealing

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Ealing District Woodcraft Group are over-seeing the development of two new groups, a Woodchip and an Elfin group, based in the White City Estate, Hammersmith. Getting the premises was made possible by the Head of a local primary school who manages the centre and whose children have been members of Ealing Woodcraft.

White City is one of the most deprived areas of West London and has recently lost its Youth Club through Council cuts. We have run two Playouts, one in Ravenscourt Park and one at the Playcentre itself and have got the firm interest of the parents of 16 children. The second Playout was advertised by leafleting 4 local primary schools after “our” Head had opened the door for us by contacting the Heads and telling them what we were doing and who we were. The schools were particularly pleased that we bundled the leaflets into packs of 30 to help their distribution to classes. The leaflet we used is available to download at the foot of this page.

Ealing are “donating” two or three experienced leaders to start the Group off. In addition we have the support of a Youth Worker who used to be in Hammersmith Woodcraft as a Venturer back in the day, and four volunteers who have benefited from attending new leaders training and are keen to become leaders. Also involved is a local parent who is part of the Forest School movement and who may become a leader too.

Ealing are also going to help the group with equipment and will host the new group on camps. We have already met with QPR Charitable Trust who should be able to help with equipment and activities such as wall climbing and are intending to approach the BBC to see if they are interested, both organisations are based around White City. In addition, one of our members has attended the Hammersmith Funding Fare and has made possible funding contacts.

We have been encouraged by the response of local parents who want to get involved and are keen to go camping. Accordingly we are planning to run sessions in July until the end of term and officially launch in September.

We see this as a successful blueprint for how to set up a new group which we wanted to share, and are happy to talk about.

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