Bitesize Managing Behaviour training plan

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This training session is an introduction to managing behaviour at group nights. 

By the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • Use a range of techniques to respond constructively to challenging behaviour.
  • Work with adults and children to establish consistent behaviour guidance.

This plan is one of a series of four 'bitesize' session plans, developed by the New Groups team. See the related resources section for sessions on: Putting the aims and principles into practice, Staying safe and Working together.

Handout 1 - Behaviour Management Policy.pdf209.51 KB
Handout 2 - Groundrules pictures and discussion prompts for age 3+.docx495.55 KB
Handout 3 - Managing behaviour guidance.docx29.57 KB
Handout 4 - Managing behaviour summaries of theoretical models.docx28.07 KB
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