Aims & Principles Outcomes Matrix

A successful programme for a Woodcraft group will include a range of activities inspired by our Aims & Principles. To help translating these big ideas into something that group leaders can put into practice, experienced Woodcraft leaders working with every age group have contributed to the creation of a set of age-appropriate outcomes linked to the Aims & Principles.

How to use these resources

The Outcomes Matrix takes each of the Aims & Principles, together with the themes identified as part of the TREE project, and suggests outcomes for children & young people for each of these, appropriate to each age group. There is also a version with clearer language that might be easier to use with children and young people.

These are intended as guidance, and the individual needs of groups will vary. In particular, you might often choose to revisit the outcomes from younger age groups, although the activities you choose to explore these may be different.

The remaining documents below suggest activities that could be used with groups to achieve these outcomes for children & young people. Many of these are to be found in published resource packs which can be found elsewhere on this site.

You might choose to take one of the themes as a common thread to run through your term's programme, and run activities to meet each of the outcomes for the age group you are working with. An alternative approach would be to ensure that your group completes an activity from each column over the course of a year.

Online Webinars 

To support this great resource we've developed a series of great online training videos to help our leaders put our aims & principles into practice at group nights. Click here to be taken to our webinar series

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