What is happening in IFM-SEI for December 2020?

Thursday, 26 November 2020

Our friends at IFM-SEI have different call outs for various matters and events happening in December 2020. 


 05/12/20 — 14:00-16:30 Central European Time (13:00-15:30 UK Time)

The conference will be the last step of Building Bridges, a project that for two years promoted Peace Education and Dialogue through youth work. Please share this with your members and network, and encourage them to register through this link before 28/11/20. During this conference, you will head about the Building Bridges project and also be there for the official launch of the toolkit and MOOC! You can find out more information about this event to share with your partners, sisters, and members in the letter (attached below in ES, EN), as well as our  Instagram and Facebook posts. 




We are looking for participants (16-30, proficient in English, French, or Spanish) to register to join Resist!'s training for young climate activists and educators! The training will combine an exciting mix of online courses and in-person action! We have designed 4 online courses, each packed full of dynamic methods for you to engage with fellow activists from across the world on topics of climate change. Participants will also receive funding from us every month to implement their own local projects! Resist!’s training will kick off in December, so please register here before 25th November 2020. We will welcome participants from IFM-SEI organisations and beyond, so please share the invitation letter (attached below in EN, FR, ES), as well as our website post, Instagram, and Facebook posts. Please feel free to share with your network and to shoot me any questions you have!




Feminist Network. This network is currently working on two projects: the intersectional campaign and the Gender Handbook. Also, in January, we will have workshops on the topics of privilege and power. This is the link to sign up.


Migration Network. This network is ready to rebuild a strong network with volunteers across the globe and talk about migration. This is the link to sign up.


Rainbow Network. In this network, you will have the opportunity to discuss and learn about gender, sexuality, and diversity. This is the link to sign up.


Please be aware that the deadline to register to these networks is 15 December 2020


   #1000pepperkakehusforJemen Campaign


Framfylkingen organises recreational activities members for children and families. Its fundamental values are freedom, equality, and solidarity. We are happy to support this campaign as it will be a follow up on our resolution at the XXVIII Congress 2019 “Stop the bombing of Yemen.” 


I have attached the invitation letter, the guide to make gingerbreads, and a letter. The campaign started on the 21 November 2020 and will continue till 21 December 2020.


Follow the links and contact details to get in touch about each individual project or event. Hope many can get involved and support our partner organisations across the world to strive for the same as we do within Woodcraft Folk of a brighter, more equal and sustainable future.