Venturer Camp Update March 2019

Sunday, 31 March 2019

With the early booking deadline passed and many of you now booked on to enjoy Biblins with us in August, the VCamp team and Venturer Committee are continuing to work hard to make sure this summer’s event is the best yet! If you have booked and not received an invoice for your deposit make sure you check your junk/let us know, as they’ve all been sent out. And

 please make sure you put your group name (or individual name if you’ve booked as lone df/kinsfolk) in the reference so we know who you’re paying for! Any booking enquiries should go to Also, if your group has already booked, you should have been sent a link to a survey regarding production requirements. So please check your junk and let us know on if you have not received this.

Now some fun stuff for the venturers (please share with your group if you’re a leader reading this); we have made lots of Spotify playlists for you to contribute to for music to be played on different theme nights! We want these to really reflect what you guys listen to so please add any relevant songs you like, and then you’ll get to hear them loads at the event. Otherwise you’ll get our failed attempt at being down with the kidz (like in this sentence)! Here they are:

Finally, are you a DF/kinsfolk wanting to come but without a role as of yet? Fear not, we have started recruiting people to help out at our wonderful centres, to help plan and run workshops for Venturers on a variety of issues and skills. This is a great role for anyone who enjoys working with young people. The centres are:

  • Sustainability
  • Bushcraft & Nature
  • Arts & Crafts
  • STEM Cell (Science)
  • Peace
  • PANTS (Performing Arts)
  • Venturer Committee
  • Media
  • Radio
  • MEST UP (Mediation Education Support Team)
  • The Library/Museum
  • The Solar Cinema

Please get in touch with us on if you’re interested in helping out with any of these. If stewarding the site to keep venturers safe is more your thing, we’ll be putting out details of how to apply for that shortly.

And please email if you have any questions.

We’re really excited to see you at camp!