St Neots receive funding from Central England Coop

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Central England Cooperative Community Dividend fund "have proudly donated over £1.2 million to help fund projects in our trading area".In July groups in St Neots, Peterborough and Thetford put in bids for funding for equipment or materials that will help their groups and lukily... they were successful! St Neots have received funds for a mess tent to aid their future camping trips and public events. The mess tent will be a great piece of equipment as a kitchen tent to cook up lots of yummy camp meals! Thetford and Peterborough groups put in a bid for funds to buy some litter picking equipment to give young members opportunities to help clear litter in their local areas. Groups cannot wait to get started on cleaning up any unwanted extras to their streets, parks and public spaces. All groups are very fortunate and grateful for the funds they have received. The Central England Cooperative have been very generous giving our groups over £1000 to carry on bringing brilliant and memorable experiences to our young members. A huge thank you to all at Central England Coop!!