Hands In 2020

Monday, 20 January 2020

It is 'Hands In' time again!

Each Spring term for the last 8 years groups have been encouraged to put their 'Hands In' and participate in similar activities across our network of groups. This year's theme is 'Span the World with Friendship' as we all begin to get ready for Common Ground, international camp August 2020.

Activities include:

  • Making welcome cards and posters
  • Crafting bunting
  • Learning about different countries
  • Linking up with international delegations

We are also asking all groups to partcipate in a hike/walk/stroll to collect 'steps' towards Common Ground. We have an ambition that between us we can undertake the steps needed to get our further delegation to camp in Kent. Where will you go?

For more information about 'Hands In' and to download this year's pack go to: https://woodcraft.org.uk/hands-in

For more information about Common Ground visit https://www.commonground.camp/