District Organisation

If your group is part of a larger District, there will be a small group of volunteers who work to manage the District’s activities, providing a link between local groups and the wider Woodcraft Folk. The District will hold regular meetings that are open to all Woodcraft Folk members in the area, but most day-to-day decisions will be taken by a District Committee, which includes a representative from each group, along with elected officers such as the Chair and Treasurer. The District may do some of the following on behalf of the groups in the area:
Organise camps, residential trips & international exchanges
Arrange training for volunteers
Co-ordinate social events for volunteers, young members & their families
Undertake fundraising and apply for grants
Recruit and induct new volunteers
Propose motions and amendments for consideration at Woodcraft Folk’s AGM
Adopt policies and procedures to support and direct the work of groups in the District
Manage the annual registration of the District’s groups
Members in the District can agree for themselves how they are going to work together and how tasks will be allocated. However, most Districts will elect a group of officers to take on particular responsibilities. The suggested roles that form part of the District Committee are as follows:
District Co-ordinator (or District Chair)
 • Oversee District and its groups
Be the main contact for the Woodcraft Folk in the area
Ensure District functions within its branch rules
Call District meetings and draw up an agenda and chair meetings
Ensure groups are functioning well and working within the Woodcraft Folk Constitution, its Aims, Principles and Programme
Act as contact for new volunteers
Receive and distribute letters
Encourage groups to take part in District, national and international events.
Receive complaints and grievances
District Secretary
Take minutes at District Meetings
Distribute Minutes and Correspondence to District Members
Send letters as directed by District committee
Receive letters and emails on behalf of the District
District Treasurer
Keep good District accounts
Prepare financial report for District meetings
Reimburse volunteer expenses
Gives annual account at District AGM
Return annual accounts to Head Office
Pay group registration fees
Keep records of Gift Aid declarations
District Volunteer Co-ordinator
If one is not already in place, develop, with others, a volunteering strategy for the Group/District
Help recruit and place volunteers
Develop effective partnerships with individuals and organisations that can support your volunteering strategy
Plan, organise and co-ordinate the induction of all new volunteers
Help volunteers develop the knowledge, skills and competence they need, both to fulfil their roles with the Woodcraft Folk and as part of their personal development
Gather and record personal information about volunteers, store this information securely and use it only for agreed purposes in line with data protection legislation
Provide volunteer support
Conduct exit interviews

District Membership Secretary
 • Process membership applications
Pursue applicants’ references
Keep up to date records of all Adult members in District
First contact in District for volunteer enquiries
Hold Disclosure outcome Information
Meet applicants for DBS or PVG checks and check their photographic identity and other ID documents in their presence, and that details have been correctly recorded on their application
Help applicants with any queries regarding the DBS or PVG process
District Safeguarding Officer

Have some training in the area of safeguarding and child protection
Provide training to new volunteers in safeguarding and child protection
Keep up to date with current legislation
Be responsible for ensuring that safeguarding procedures (including health and safety, volunteer screening etc.) are followed
Be ready to intervene in any hazardous situations involving a child and encourage others to do so as well
Be the first port of call for any leader, helper etc. who has concerns about a child
Liaise with (and at times pass on information to) statutory agencies
A series of online webinars was held early in 2017 to support volunteers taking on any of these roles at a District level – these are available to watch on demand on our website.
Your District and the Wider Movement
In many of Woodcraft Folk’s Regions & Nations, there is some level of activity to support the groups and Districts. This may include:
A regional/national committee to oversee and co-ordinate Woodcraft Folk activities
A small budget that can be used to support the development of new groups
‘Gatherings’ to share good practice, plan future activities and provide support for volunteers
Large camps or smaller residential trips open to groups from across the Region/Nation
Currently Scotland is the only one of Woodcraft Folk’s Regions & Nations that has any dedicated staff support.
 In addition, there are two major opportunities in each year for groups and District to engage with Woodcraft Folk UK-wide:

Folk Assembly is a weekend event held in June, usually under canvas, and is open to all members. Through a mix of workshops, open sessions and social activities, volunteers and young members have the chance to gain new skills, network with like-minded individuals, and share their vision of for the future of Woodcraft Folk.

Woodcraft Folk’s AGM is held in September. All groups and Districts can send a delegate to vote at this meeting, which will receive the annual report and accounts for the charity, and consider any motions submitted by the membership, or by General Council.
Each group and District may send one of its members as a delegate to the Annual General Meeting to cast a vote on its behalf:
For or against motions or amendments (including those to amend the constitutional arrangements of Woodcraft Folk, such as the Aims & Principles or the Articles of Association)
To elect members of General Council 
Woodcraft Folk’s constitution allows any registered member, including young members, to represent their group at the AGM. As many members as wish to participate may also go to the AGM as observers.