The Ingenious Project

The Kids Field Ingenious Project is engaging engineers from all disciplines to deliver sessions on engineering solutions to the climate crisis. Volunteers will be holding ideas workshops online and linking directly to classrooms and Woodcraft Folk groups to share their experience and knowledge in this industry. The Project will also be attending camps and events, including Latitude festival in July 2021.

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Ingenious Engineering: response to the climate emergency post Covid-19 

Building on the recent reports such as the UK Government’s Committee on climate change, the Labour Green New Deal  and the RAEng (Royal Academy of Engineering) vision for net zero, this session looks at different policy options for the UK recovery. (29/07/20) 


Solar Energy for Camps

This session focuses mainly on stand-alone (i.e not grid connected) Photovoltaic systems, but will discuss other options briefly. Systemscan range from very small personal devices, to multi-kilowatt systems for large camps. As an example, the system used for Vcamp 2019 (with almost 500 campers)will be described, including the design decisions involved.

The energy aspects of Woodcraft Folk's Biblins campsite will also be outlined briefly. This site will probably be used as a case-study later in the Ingenious Project. (22/07/20)


Ingenious Large Scale Renewable Energy Generation (01/07/20)

Below links are for resources created from our session on 'peer education as a mechanism for delivering climate change and sustainability education' (6/7/20); including options for developing training and support materials for engaging young people on the Ingenious Project.  

For project related training follow the link here.

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