Once children have started school they move up into our Elfin groups. They tend to start at age 5 or 6, depending on the local group.

We continue with games, singing, craft activities and outdoor stuff and try to keep the Woodcraft Folk principles in mind throughout.

Alternative games

With this age group we play games that are a bit different from those they play at school.

They all know how to play musical chairs, but at Woodcraft Folk they would have to share chairs when the music stops rather than be out, for example.

It's a subtle way to teach children about sharing, cooperating and helping each other.

Planning round a theme

Some groups might take a theme for the evening - for example recycling - and then do several activities around that theme. They might do some craft with plastic bottles, play a game with more plastic bottles, have a quiz or sing songs related to the recycling theme.

In this way we can teach children about important issues without being too heavy-handed, especially after a long day at school.

Are parents still involved?

Most Elfin groups are run on a rota basis by parents but we do try to play to their strengths. We have a good balance of men and women parents and carers. You might be asked to:

  • lead singing, if you enjoy music or play the guitar
  • do craft activities if you're good at arts and crafts
  • lead a nature walk if you know about the outdoors
  • make phone calls, book trips or be the treasurer if you prefer a 'back office' role

What do we do at an Elfins group meeting?

These are the kinds of things Elfins get up to from week to week, depending on the group, location and leaders:

  • singing and craft activities
  • games that teach the children to play together
  • swimming pool or beach trip
  • nature walks, looking at insects, flowers, plants etc