Guide to editing your group's page

Do you want to give your Woodcraft Folk group its own space on the Woodcraft website? You're in the right place!

Talk to your group about what they'd like to put on the website, and volunteer as your group's Web Manager. Ask your Group Leader to get in touch with us and we'll make sure you have a log in and support to get started.

Venturers have put together a Guide to editing your group's web page, which you can download below. So once you've got your log in details and your group has confirmed you're their Web Manager, you can use the instructions to help you publish information on your group, and pictures of what you've been doing. 

Don't forget, even without access to your group page, if you have a log in for the website, you can publish news, photos, events and resources on the website - just go to 'create content' once you're logged in. You can tag any of your articles with your group's name so they appear when people search for your group.

You can also watch the short films below, which contain step-by-step guides to editing your group page and publishing images and news on the website.

Any questions about your log in or posting articles on the website - just email or call the office on 020 7703 4173. 

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