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March with Woodcraft for Refugees

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

On 17th September, Woodcraft are demonstrating in solidarity with refugees in London.

Norwich Thorpe Hamlet's Action Project

Norwich Thorpe Hamlet Venturers’ project got underway during the summer of 2010, as they used their funding to bring five young refugees and asylum seekers to Venturer Camp and to their district camp. The young people, from Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo enjoyed the camping experience, making new friends and entertainments. 

Refugee Week 2012

Event date: 
18 June 2012 - 12:00am - 24 June 2012 - 11:59am
Event location: 

Refugee Week is a time to celebrate the contibution that refugees and asylum seekers make to the UK and to raise awareness about the problems they face.

Crossing the Border

You will need:

  • copies of the ‘Crossing the border’ form (download below), one for each Pioneer 
  • pens
  • a border (eg a desk, doorway, counter)

Ask for two volunteers and brief them that they’re border control officials. They should stand / sit at the border and pretend not to understand any questions asked them by the group. They should only allow people to cross the border when they’ve filled in their form in ‘squiggle language’, but are not to explain that this is the correct way to fill in the form. 

Right to Refuge in Cheltenham

All our local Woodcraft groups have benefitted from the Right to Refuge campaign. We have each tried one or two things from the campaigns website; all of these have been valuable not only to the growth of our Woodcraft group but have also helped our local asylum seekers settle in to their new home. Why don’t you, at the click of a button, find your local asylum seekers group on Google? By building up links between our Woodcraft groups and the local community we can help out in developing a friendship that profits all.

Practical information and advice on hosting a delegation

Here is a Q & A with Paul from Brighthelmstone, whose district hosted a delegation of asylum seekers several years running, and Fleur from Woodcraft Folk Scotland, who brought two asylum seeking families to Global Village.

Right to Refuge campaign materials

The TREE Communications Group, who run Woodcraft's Right to Refuge campaign, have created a leaflet about refugees and asylum seekers in the UK, full of ideas on how we can help them. They've also created a postcard with simple messages about the Right to Refuge campaign. 


Migrants: positive Images

This is an extensive pack of activities created by the Red Cross to enable young people explore the themes of:

  • Why people migrate
  • Who migrants are
  • Migrant patterns and journeys
  • Positive images
  • Youth action

Time To Flee

This activity can be run as the second activity in a group night about refugee issues, to get Elfins thinking about people who might seek sanctuary in the UK, what they need and how we can help them. The first activity is Same But Different.

You will need: paper and pens

Time: 15 minutes

Split the Elfins into groups of about 4 or 5.

Same But Different

This activity can be run as the first activity in a group night about refugee issues, to get Elfins thinking about people who might seek sanctuary in the UK, what they need and how we can help them.

You will need: chalk or string

Time: 15 minutes

Draw a chalk circle on the floor, or make one in string, about the size of a group circle.

Ask everyone to stand just outside the circle, and to jump into it when a statement is read that applies to them.

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