international understanding

International Negotiations and unfair resource distribution

Time taken: 30 minutes to play and at least 15 minutes for reflection. 

Equipment: About 80 sweets (small, individually wrapped, variety to suit all tastes)

This game is designed to simulate international negotiations. It is based on "Prisoners Dilema" type experiments from economics. 

International Understanding - Webinar

Event date: 
26 March 2018 - 7:30pm - 8:15pm
Event location: 
online based training

This series of webinars is 

Explore Spain

Below are the materials you need to run Waltham Forest Woodcraft Folk's group night about Spain - including the language, the food and some of its main tourist attractions.

Youth for Fair Trade

The Youth for Fair Trade Resource Pack is a global youth work resource. It has been designed by Y Care International to help youth workers connect young people to the key values of fairness and equality; to explore what fair trade means to them; and to support them to take action to make the world a fairer place.

Tibet boardgame

This game was designed by Gail Gilbert, Beacon Elfins, Brighthelmstone District.

Object of game

A fun and active game to learn about the nomadic lifestyle of the Tibetan people and raise awareness of how the Chinese government are seeking to destroy this ancient way of life.

Women's Liberation Workshop

Women’s Liberation group night activity

This activity is relevant all year round, but was created for the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day.

It deals with the history of the Feminist and women's moments and the discrimination that many women continue to face in today's societies.

This is a taster for a larger pack that is being created and if you are inspired or wish for further materials get in contact with

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