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Wednesday, 15 January 2014


"They started with a map, as all great adventures do: OS1, the Ordnance Survey map for the Dark Peak area. They spread it out on a table to begin with, and read the names..."

So starts one of the stories that have just been posted to the lucky Woodcraft Folk groups who are first in the chain for this year's Hands In! story telling activity. What do you think happens next?

Linking us together - Hands In! 2014

Hands In! 2014! is about sharing your stories and games with other Woodcraft Folk groups. We've posted the start of a story to several Woodcraft Folk groups, who are each the first in a chain of 4 or 5 groups. We hope each group in the chain will write part of the story and send it on to the next group. 

Hands In 2013

Hands In 2013

For Hands In 2013 Woodcraft groups ventured outdoors with one aim and one aim alone; CACHE!! (not to be confused with cash...) The group just needed a waterproof box and a little bit of creativity to get involved.  


Quilt making for Hands In!


We’re going to be making Woodcraft Folk patchwork quilts during Hands In! aiming to end up with a quilt representing the groups and districts in each region.

During Hands In! Woodcraft Folk groups across the country are making squares to put together into big regional quilts – and we really hope you’ll join in too. Each square will say something about the group who made it (in a similar style to the ‘story quilt’ above), so the finished quilts will celebrate our movement and everyone who is part of it.

Hands In! group night activities

During this month of building our movement, there are loads of activities to be doing at group nights each week, so that right across the UK groups can explore some key themes and celebrate what Woodcraft means to us.

Some of the activities will be things you can do by linking up with other groups in your district - or your twin group, if you like. And some will involve creating something in your group to share with the rest of the movement.

Some things to do with your group are:

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