WE:CAN - Climate Action Now

Woodcraft Folk is pleased to lauch Woodcraft Folk Everywhere: Climate Action Now - our new toolkit for groups and individuals to explore how we can learn about and respond to the Climate Emergency through practical activities.

This resource has been made possible through the support of YouthLink Scotland, through the National Voluntary Youth Organisations Support Fund.

The resource is divided into four themes:

Bees Song

This song, written by a member of Woodcraft Folk, was inspired by the Friends of the Earth bees campaign:

(To the tune of All Through the Night)

Kinder 80: Trespass to Treasure

Event date: 
20 April 2012 - 7:30pm - 29 April 2012 - 11:00pm
Event location: 
Peak District and nearby towns and cities

The 80 year anniversary of the Kinder Scout Trespass is being celebrated with lots of walks, talks and exhibitions around the Peak District, Sheffield and Manchester. If you enjoy walking, helping preserve our rural heritage or want to find out more about the original action taken by ordinary people in defence of their right to roam the countryside, there will be something in the programme for you! 

Wokingham Action Project


Wokingham Elfins and Pioneers are running a project to improve their local meadow for everyone that uses it. They’ve planned what they want to do with advice from a local conservation group ‘Friends of the Emmbrook’ in order to make the area look nicer, encourage wildlife and to make the area more interesting for young people. 

Make a bird box

We did this with our venturer group

I pre prepared the components by sawing up some excess floorboards we had

The venturers then nailed it all together, producing one bird box each

See: http://www.bto.org/nnbw/make.htm

Nb I reckon the base should be 150x 150


Bath Venturers

Water orchestra

Aim : To have fun making music with water
You will need : water, different sized containers
Duration : 30 minutes

We use water in all sorts of ways, and often do not notice the water around us. Water makes many different sounds depending what you do with it.

Fill different containers with varying amounts of water, and blow over the tops to make sounds. Find other ways to make music with water:

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