Chains of debt

Aim: To understand how it feels for countries to be in debt.
You will need: Paper and pens (or blackboard and chalk), strips of coloured paper, stapler/glue.
Duration: 20 minutes

North and South

Aim: To look at the basic idea of aid and relate it to your own experience.
You will need: Paper, crayons/coloured pencils, a map or globe (optional), a dictionary (optional).
Duration: 30 minutes

Start a discussion about aid, using the following questions as prompts:

Debt drama

Aim: To think about debt at different levels.
You will need: Props (optional), a group of people.
Duration: 30 minutes

Divide into groups, and each choose a different sketch to act out. In each situation there is someone owing money, and someone who wants to collect the money. The borrowers are all having difficulties in repaying the money. You can add in other characters to the scenes.

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