Action Projects

Woodcraft Action Projects, supporting groups to deliver local projects

Bromley Woodcraft Venturer action project report

Bromley Woodcraft invited Rebecca to meet the pioneer group in 2011, after the session the pioneers didn’t feel they could rise to the challenge of an action project.

Leaders at the time tried to motivate the pioneers but after some discussion felt the ideas put forward were being heavily influenced by leaders and did not meet the sprit of the scheme.

In 2013 Joe met the Venturers to discuss geocaching and action projects (some of the venturers had been in the pioneer group who meet with Rebecca previously)

Southampton Community Orchard

A case study of a great example of an Action Project, a youth led community project. The case study includes useful links and recommendations for your group if wishing to do a similar project.

Leicester Pioneers Action Project

Send my sister to school Woodcraft Folk Action Project

Send my sister to school is a campaign focusing on one of the Millennium Development goals set in 2000 to ensure a quality primary education for all children. As more than half the current 67 million children out of school are girls, this project is raising awareness in particular for the female issues.

We received £500 from the Woodcraft Folk Action Fund to support us in our work.


First Twinned Action Project

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Last month saw the rewarding of the first twinned Action Project, giving them £1000 pounds to raise the profile of outdoor education and Woodcraft.

Planning an Action Project - group activities

Explore making change happen your local community or the wider world and turn your ideas into plan for a local Action Project with your group using this downloadable set of activities.

Woodcraft Folk can currently offer funding to groups who want to run youth-led projects to take action on social issues or local community initiatives, so you can turn your plan into an application to get some funding and support. Find out more...

Leicester Pioneers and MP

Young people from Leciestershire Pinewood Pioneers meet their MP Jon Ashworth at Parliament to lobby him on Millennium Development Goals and Education as part of their Woodcraft Folk Action Project and the Send my Sister to School campaign

Hinckley Action Project

The young people running Hinckley Woodcraft Folk's Action Project, with young people from the Indonesian delegation they fundraised to bring to England for CoCamp.

Wokingham Action Project


Wokingham Elfins and Pioneers are running a project to improve their local meadow for everyone that uses it. They’ve planned what they want to do with advice from a local conservation group ‘Friends of the Emmbrook’ in order to make the area look nicer, encourage wildlife and to make the area more interesting for young people. 

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