Woodcraft Tool Box

Ladder 4 Learning

Ladder 4 Learning is an example of a district training audit.

Please click on the links below to download the toolkit and guidance notes.

Example Job Description London Development Worker

This is an example of job description for a Young Peoples Co-coordinators for London Region.

Case study: the role of 'Meeter and Greeter'

Ealing District have developed a new role that helps them engage parents. Below, Tom talks about why and how they did this, and how it's helping his group:

Case study: setting up a new group in Ealing

Ealing District Woodcraft Group are over-seeing the development of two new groups, a Woodchip and an Elfin group, based in the White City Estate, Hammersmith. Getting the premises was made possible by the Head of a local primary school who manages the centre and whose children have been members of Ealing Woodcraft.

Leading for the Future

What is this?

Leading for the Future is a resource created with children, young people and adults from across Woodcraft Folk to support local groups to explore and develop their understanding of leadership, learn new skills and grow in confidence as young leaders. It is a set of activities, exploring different aspects of leadership, developing new skills and putting them into practice.

Leadership snapshots

These 4 snapshots inspire and guide the sections of Leading for the Future

Woodcraft Tool Box

What is the Tool Box?

A resource for sharing and signposting information related to how groups/districts are run.


What's it for?

To help support both new and existing groups/districts.


PR & Media Guide

The guide below is for Woodcraft Folk groups and districts who want to get coverage in their local press. It could be to publicise the launch of a new group, recruit new volunteers, or celebrate other Woodcraft activities. 

If you've got any advice to share from your own experiences of working with local press, let us know via press@woodcraft.org.uk

Group night activities to prepare for Annual Gathering

What is Annual Gathering?

Annual Gathering is a two day event which happens every year. It’s the only annual camp which gathers Woodcraft Folk of all ages from right across the UK. It is also the setting for our national Annual Conference, or AGM. During the conference the delegates discuss how Woodcraft Folk works and what we do as an organisation. Their decisions inform Woodcraft Folk activity and policy for groups, districts, General Council and the staff.

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