Group night activity

Campaign topics

Woodcraft Folk is supporting young people across the organisation to choose and campaign on a topic of their choice. Help your Woodcraft group explore what issues are important to them with this group night activity plan, including a reminder of Woodcraft's last youth-led campaign, Right to Refuge, and ways of brainstorming what the next campaign might focus on. You can download the plan below.

Quilt making for Hands In!


We’re going to be making Woodcraft Folk patchwork quilts during Hands In! aiming to end up with a quilt representing the groups and districts in each region.

During Hands In! Woodcraft Folk groups across the country are making squares to put together into big regional quilts – and we really hope you’ll join in too. Each square will say something about the group who made it (in a similar style to the ‘story quilt’ above), so the finished quilts will celebrate our movement and everyone who is part of it.

Mentoring taster session

Click the link below to download a new taster workshop about the Woodcraft Folk mentoring programme. This workshop is designed to help young people think about roles which they would be interested in taking which having a mentor might give the added confidence and support to commit to. Also it is great for people who are interested in being mentors and would like to get a taste of what this would involve. 

Follow the Trail Resource Pack

What does Woodcraft Folk mean to you? As a Pioneer at group night? As a DF at district camp? As a Venturer on a regional committee?

Follow the Trail is a programme to help us all answer questions like this!! 

Craft Craft Craft

Here is a website of lots of craft activities for groups. It's a craft equivalent of 'Games Games Games' with activities for different ages, sizes of group and type of resources. Let us know if you've got other craft activities you'd like to contribute.

Visit the Craft Craft Craft website.

Youth for Fair Trade

The Youth for Fair Trade Resource Pack is a global youth work resource. It has been designed by Y Care International to help youth workers connect young people to the key values of fairness and equality; to explore what fair trade means to them; and to support them to take action to make the world a fairer place.

Leading for the Future

What is this?

Leading for the Future is a resource created with children, young people and adults from across Woodcraft Folk to support local groups to explore and develop their understanding of leadership, learn new skills and grow in confidence as young leaders. It is a set of activities, exploring different aspects of leadership, developing new skills and putting them into practice.

Group night activities

You'll find below over 100 group night activity ideas.

All the activities listed below have been contributed by Woodcraft Folk volunteers and staff, and should fit into an hour or an hour and a half session. Most of them don't need much in the way of equipment. Some of them may have attached worksheets that you'll need to print out and take along to your session.

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