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How Trade Unions were created

Waltham Forest Woodcraft Folk use the stories of the Tolpuddle Martyrs and other workers to learn about how trade unions were created. The document attached below includes the stories so you can act them out, and an activity plan on the final page to help you explore the history and reasons why workers establish trade unions.

What can we do about global warming?

More than 340 different organisations in 27 countries like the lyrics to the Global Warming song – now it’s on YouTube! Here is the link for a performance by the Making Waves choir:


VCamp 2013 taster activities

Below is a big pack of exciting activities for Venturer groups. They've been created as tasters of the centres that will be running workshops at Venturer Camp 2013, but you can do them just for fun too. The theme of VCamp 2013 is A Midsummer Night's Dream, so look out for ideas of transformation, relationships and the natural world cropping up in the activities...

Bushcraft activities

Below are Woodcraft Folk's latest bushcraft way activity leader handbooks for groups - one for Elfins, one for Pioneers and one for Venturers. We hope to publish a Woodchip handbook soon. 

Planning an Action Project - group activities

Explore making change happen your local community or the wider world and turn your ideas into plan for a local Action Project with your group using this downloadable set of activities.

Woodcraft Folk can currently offer funding to groups who want to run youth-led projects to take action on social issues or local community initiatives, so you can turn your plan into an application to get some funding and support. Find out more...

Issues for Venturers resource pack

Our brand new issues-based resource for Venturers and Venturer leaders is ready and available to download here!

We know that many Venturer leaders find it challenging to address difficult and challenging issues with 13 to 15 year olds in Woodcraft Folk.  This resource has been designed to help explore some of these issues which concern young people at a level they can relate to and learn from.  We hope it will give you ideas and confidence in educating for social change.

The Food Chain Game

by Mike Rossetti.

The aim of this game is for children to learn about basic ecology in a fun and creative way. The Food Chain Game stimulates both creative and rational faculties by incorporating elements of both art and science.

The Envoi

This is said or sung by Woodcraft Folk groups at the beginning or end of their weekly meeting, and sometimes at camps and events. Members stand in a circle. A PDF of the sheet music is available below.

Case study: Ealing Venturers dance project

Ealing Venturers spotted an issue they wanted to change in their community, and took action. Download the PDF below to find out how they addressed the relationships between adults and young people in their borough, which they felt needed improving. 

If your Woodcraft group would like to start a project led by young people, that aims to make change in your community, why not make it into an Action Project and apply for funding and support from Woodcraft Folk? 

Fairtrade recipe jars


A great activity if you don’t have cooking facilities at your venue. Children take the jars away with instructions for baking the biscuits at home.

Aim: To reinforce familiarity with the Fairtrade logo. Co-operation (sharing and turn taking with equipment and ingredients).
Duration: 45 minutes

Plain flour,
Baking powder
Soft brown sugar*,
Ground cloves*

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