Group night activity

Who are these Folk?

Who are these Folk? is an explanation of Woodcraft Folk, including our history and our Aims & Principles. It's part of the training course Introduction to Woodcraft Folk

Southampton Community Orchard

A case study of a great example of an Action Project, a youth led community project. The case study includes useful links and recommendations for your group if wishing to do a similar project.

Linking us together - Hands In! 2014

Hands In! 2014! is about sharing your stories and games with other Woodcraft Folk groups. We've posted the start of a story to several Woodcraft Folk groups, who are each the first in a chain of 4 or 5 groups. We hope each group in the chain will write part of the story and send it on to the next group. 

Span the world with friendship postcards

We made this as a project to do with Elfins for the I am badge. We thought it would be nice to start spanning the world with friendship by sending postcards to other Woodcraft Folk groups. I asked on the Woodcraft Folk Facebook group if anyone would like to have a postcard from our Elfins and got enough addresses to send a postcard each. 

We spent a group night colouring in and writing a quick note on the back. I added my address if people wanted to send a postcard back and put them in the post. I've attached a .PDF of the postcard's design.

Evaluation tools

It's really  useul to reflect on how an activity went, what impact it had on the participants and how it could be even better next time. In the download below are lots of different activities you can use to evaluate a session or an event. They're all fun, participatory and can be mixed and matched to draw out the sorts of reflections you want.

Aims and Principles Photo Story

Here's a photo story explaining Woodcraft Folk's Aims and Principles.
You might find it useful in introducing Woodcraft Folk to children and parents.

Cartoon Photo Story - Woodcraft Folk History

Duration: 60 minutes 

What you need: Paper, coloured pens
Participants need to be split into groups of 3 or 4. 
This activity can be run to make Elfins and Pioneers aware of how Woodcraft came into existence as well as to show them the impact the organisation had over the years, emphasising events of great significance. This will make participants feel more familiar with Woodcraft Folk and will get them thinking about what can be achieved with passion and cooperation.
Our EVS volunteer, Josi, made a short cartoon photo story of Woodcraft Folk’s history.
After reading Josi’s story, groups can choose to:
  • Make a similar story with drawings and writings of what they believe are the most important events in Woodcraft’s history
  • Make a similar story with the history of their group (how and when the group started, important events and highlights etc)
  • Make a drama play by using the story as a script
The cartoon photo story is attached. 

Bees Song

This song, written by a member of Woodcraft Folk, was inspired by the Friends of the Earth bees campaign:

(To the tune of All Through the Night)

Explore Spain

Below are the materials you need to run Waltham Forest Woodcraft Folk's group night about Spain - including the language, the food and some of its main tourist attractions.

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