Group night activity

Schools outreach guidance

Running an assembly about Woodcraft at your local school gives you a captive audience, and following that up with an after school family taster will mean you can talk to parents and carers too.



Sky chart - this website has a good one

constellation diagrams - one set showing just the stars and one with the stars overlaid on the picture they make, like these

Black paper (2 sheets per child should be enough)

Star stickers

torches - 1 per child


Woodcraft Folk Social Story

This resource is a powerpoint presentation - a social story to support the inclusion of children with additional needs.


Social stories are a useful way to support children, especially those with Autism, to prepare for participating at group. The social story helps the child and their carers understand what to expect and how they can get involved.


This social stories were prepared by Levenshulme Woodcraft Folk and North Bristol Elfins - thanks for sharing.

Venturer Auction

Venturer Auction (from Highgate & Holloway district)

Each year, at a time when we have lots of adults around (usually the quiz),we hold a Venturer auction at some point in the night.

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