Group night activity

Campaign workshop

This is a series of activities that can be run separately or one after the other if you've got a whole group night to spare. They involve

  • representing unfamiliar opinions
  • exploring an issue in depth 
  • matching messages with audiences
  • planning how to get your message across

TUC 'A Better Way to Work' resources

The TUC has a range of resources to help young people to learn about employment rights and workplace issues. A Better Way to Work, the TUC schools' resource pack, is primarily aimed at school students studying Key Stage 4 in schools, providing activities which help teachers to prepare students for work experience, citizenship and other work-related activities. However, much of the material can also be used with students aged up to 19. Unit 2 also contains activities specifically aimed at Young Apprentices.

Crossing the Border

You will need:

  • copies of the ‘Crossing the border’ form (download below), one for each Pioneer 
  • pens
  • a border (eg a desk, doorway, counter)

Ask for two volunteers and brief them that they’re border control officials. They should stand / sit at the border and pretend not to understand any questions asked them by the group. They should only allow people to cross the border when they’ve filled in their form in ‘squiggle language’, but are not to explain that this is the correct way to fill in the form. 

Tibet boardgame

This game was designed by Gail Gilbert, Beacon Elfins, Brighthelmstone District.

Object of game

A fun and active game to learn about the nomadic lifestyle of the Tibetan people and raise awareness of how the Chinese government are seeking to destroy this ancient way of life.

Elfin Leader Handbook

Click the link below to download the full 'Activities for Woodcraft Folk Elfin groups' booklet produced in 2008 to provide up-to-date session plans based around key Woodcraft Folk themes and guidance for running groups for new and experienced Elfin leaders alike.

To buy a printed copy of the booklet, please go to

Women's Liberation Workshop

Women’s Liberation group night activity

This activity is relevant all year round, but was created for the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day.

It deals with the history of the Feminist and women's moments and the discrimination that many women continue to face in today's societies.

This is a taster for a larger pack that is being created and if you are inspired or wish for further materials get in contact with

FACTS (as of 2010)

Werewolves (also known as Mafia)

This is a game where two teams - the villagers and the werewolves - use teamwork to develop stratagies and outwit each other. The werewolves (who keep their identity secret – and can lie if suspected) try to 'kill' all of the villagers (one each ‘night’), before the villagers can work out who the werewolves are and imprison or 'kill' them (during the ‘daytime’). The game alternates between days and nights until the last person or a team succeeds.  The villagers' aim is to have a villager as the last person standing; the werewolves' aim is that a werewolf survives to the end.

The game works best with 10-20 people plus a narrator who facilitates the game and tells the story. It can be played just sitting in a circle or around a campfire and usually takes about 30 minutes or so.

Woodchip Handbook

The Woodchip handbook is a resource which can be used either by interested members hoping to start a new Woodchip group or exsiting groups needing guidance.

What is the Woodcraft Way?

Has your group ever wondered what the 'Woodcraft Way' actually is? Invite people to discuss what they think it means, and then to write a poem or song to explore or explain it. You could use the poem below as inspiration - it was written by one of the parents at Sheffield District's Gradbach camp in 2010.

A Circle of Equality

Untitled from chloe darlington on Vimeo.

This song was composed by young people and adults at Woodcraft Folk's Development Conference in January 2011. Linda composed the melody.

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