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Reasonable Adjustment Guidance

Woodcraft Folk aims to be open and accessible to all, we have a vision of increasing and widening participation to our groups, camps and activities centres.

Children and young people will not be excluded from Woodcraft Folk activities based on their ability or support needs, neither will they be excluded based on the ability/availability of their parent or carer to support group activities.

This guidance document supports leaders on how they can make changes or adjustments to ensure that children and young people with a disability can access Woodcraft Folk activity. 

Managing Behaviour

Managing behaviour - policy and resources page

To support groups with managing challenging behaviour, Woodcraft Folk has created various policies and sets of guidance.

Volunteer Recruitment

Woodcraft Folk is an organisation that thrives on the efforts of its volunteers. As a group leader you will almost certainly need to put some effort into recruiting and inducting new volunteers if your group is to be successful and sustainable. In particular, volunteers may leave your group or choose to support an older age group as their own children get older.


Woodcraft Folk is committed to being open and accessible to all children and young people. Our Aims & Principles make it clear that we have a responsibility to promote inclusion, but also make it a focus of our educational work with young members so that they can be part of building a more inclusive society: 
As an educational movement, we believe that equal opportunities should extend to all aspects of activity and participation in the Woodcraft Folk.

Managing Behaviour

The behaviour of young members and of volunteers is an important factor in providing a positive experience in your Woodcraft Folk group.
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