Running a Woodcraft stall at a festival

Enjoy going to festivals? Want to spread the word about Woodcraft Folk while you're there?

Read about Woodcraft Folk's stall at Latitude in summer 2010 from Kit's report, downloadable below, and get some ideas on what to take and how to do it. 

Contact Folk Office to ask for publicity and display materials that will give your stall a Woodcraft feel. Call 020 7703 4173 or email

A Circle of Equality

Untitled from chloe darlington on Vimeo.

This song was composed by young people and adults at Woodcraft Folk's Development Conference in January 2011. Linda composed the melody.

Words of Freedom

This song was written by young people at Woodcraft Folk's Development Conference in January 2011. It's sung to the tune of 'Let it be'.

When I find myself in times of trouble,
Woodcraft Folk empowers me.
Speaking words of freedom,
Let it be.
And in the face of waving batons,
We’ve friendship, peace and unity.
Speaking words of freedom,
Let it be.

Let it be… [x4]
Speaking words of freedom, let it be.

Vegan menu and recipe

Below is the menu and recipes from Northern Winter Wonderland 2010, which was an entirely vegan 3-night event KP'd by DF Becca Dye. The recipes include:

  • Three bean chilli with rice
  • Minestrone soup
  • Vegan cakes

Spelthorne Action Project

Young Woodcraft members from Spelthorne introduced their project, saying “there is a lot of negative press in the national news and in the local press about young people, and we wanted to show ... what we could do as a group. We think young people are generally very concerned about their community and it is only the minority of negative actions that get reported more often than the positive actions of young people.”

Welcome to Venturers leaflet

Below you can download the Welcome to Venturers leaflet, which was created by young people in the TREE Communications Group to help anyone moving up from Pioneers into Venturers, or who has recently arrived in Venturers. 

The leaflet is A4 size, in two parts - the inside and the outside. Download them both and photocopy them so they're on each side of an A4 page. To make the leaflet, fold each of the side panels in, starting with the right one as you look at the inside. 

Transition Support - welcoming new group members


Take a look at the PDF below if you want ideas on how to help young people move from one age group to the next. Transition Support Ideas has activities for groups to do before, during and after the transition to try and make it as smooth as possible, and generally keep groups within a district in touch with each other. If you've got any good ideas to add to it, send them to - we'd love to hear them. 

Woodcraft Folk posters, leaflets and flyers

On this page you can download posters and flyers

Hard copies of these resources are available from Folk Office.

Make a bird box

We did this with our venturer group

I pre prepared the components by sawing up some excess floorboards we had

The venturers then nailed it all together, producing one bird box each


Nb I reckon the base should be 150x 150


Bath Venturers

Migrants: positive Images

This is an extensive pack of activities created by the Red Cross to enable young people explore the themes of:

  • Why people migrate
  • Who migrants are
  • Migrant patterns and journeys
  • Positive images
  • Youth action

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