Another Example of Group Leader Duties

Group Leaders Responsibilities



  • Make themselves aware of the policies and procedures of Woodcraft Folk if not already covered by training (e.g. read/ask for handouts)
  • Liase with other volunteers to organise activities
  • Liase with other volunteers to organise equipment for the activities you’ll be running.
  • Organise own transport to venues

Setting up activities on site

  • Help to get hall /playground ready for safe use.
  • Help set up activities and move tables and chairs if necessary.
  • Set up the arts and crafts/games equipment for your activity



  • Encourage co-operative play with children throughout the activities
  • Support other volunteers in carrying out the activities
  • Encourage children to participate in the activities in a co-operative manner.
  • Keep a record of any accidents or incidents


Clearing Away

  • Each volunteer will be responsible for packing away and cleaning (where possible) the equipment they used that session for their activity.
  • Write out a list at the end of the session, of the materials that need to be replaced from your activity and place in activity box to be collected by group leaders and co-ordinator.
  • Help to pack away big equipment and tables etc.



Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Note down any evaluations that come up in circle time.
  • Encourage the children to add to the programme for future activities.
  • Plan ahead for following weeks.
  • Do reports for District meetings and assist with Fund raising and development work in the District to ensure inclusion at all levels.