Woodcraft Folk at the TUC March

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Event date: 
26 March 2011 - 10:30am - 3:00pm
Event location: 

Woodcraft Folk will be part of the TUC March on March 26th. You betcha!

  • Click HERE to visit the Woodcraft Folk @ The March Homepage

Bring banners, songbooks, WCF shirts and t-shirts. We'll march together and play parachute games in Hyde Park at the end. Other families and children are welcome to join us.

General Council members Ghee Bowman, Carly Walker-Dawson and Kerry Frankland are co-ordinating.

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TUC pages at



We think that this march will be children and family-friendly. The route is no more than 3 miles long. Kettling and other heavy police procedures are unlikely, and there will be lots of TUC stewards. I’ve taken my daughters on several marches within a Woodcraft Folk group, in London & Exeter and at Tolpuddle, and they had a great time. Singing & chanting in a friendly group, seeing London in a different way, and the chance to be part of something really important.

We’ll give more practical information in due course. For now, please pass the word around your groups and districts and families. And get people talking about what’s behind these cuts and why Woodcraft Folk is opposing them. Two examples: the vote to cut the EMA (this week) could mean a huge difference for Venturers planning what to do after the age of 16. And the proposal to sell off Forestry Commission land could mean a huge loss of space for camping and other activities, and the loss of a valuable national carbon sink.

I’d be interested to hear from people on recent demos around the country on lessons learnt from those marches. Please share them on the Facebook page or email to me at gbowman@gn.apc.org

Ghee Bowman