CoCamp Evaluation form

The tents have come down, the groundsheets been packed away and the site litter swept. The last of the librarians have left, the chickens chased back to the farm and the solar showers dismantled. At last everyone who worked so co-operatively to form a community in a corner of Sherwood Forest has managed to get some well earned rest. The lessons learned and the skills gained from CoCamp will echo throughout districts for years to come and our young people will treasure the memories and friendships they made for the rest of their lives.


In order to continue with the successes of this camp and to learn from how CoCamp worked when the Woodcraft Folk are planning large events in the future, we are asking all groups that took part to take part in a short evaluation. This will help us to get a good impression of what worked on camp for you and what didn’t work, allowing us to develop the way our co-operative community works in the future.


The evaluation is designed to be done as part of your group night activities – we’re interested in everyone’s views from Leaders to Woodchips. You can, of course, adapt the activities we’ve suggested to suit your own group, and we’ll be pleased to read anything that your group would like to tell us – on the form, through other notes, on the backs of envelopes, or in some other format.


The form has been sent by post to all UK based booking secretaries, but you can download additional copies of this evaluation below - please send your completed form back to the Woodcraft Folk office by the 30th September (by Email to this address or post to Units 9/10, 83 Crampton Street, London, SE17 3BQ) along with anything else from your evaluation session (notes, pictures, etc), so we can feed your views into the report we’re compiling.


Thanks in advance for taking the time to help out – we look forward to reading all your views.

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